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Matouk's Condiments

I use  Matouk's Condiments when preparing my dishes.  Top of my list is the pepper sauce.  My mother makes a 'wicked' pepper sauce but in the event I am out of stock, I only purchase Matouk's peppersauce.  Some people season their meats with the pepper sauce but you have to taste your sauce while cooking before adding any more pepper sauce.  

My daughter introduced me to the Green Seasoning, and I really like it.  I use it to season my meats and I always add a little when I am actually cooking my meals.

About Matouk's
Matouk's brand products are manufactured by National Canners Limited. National Canners, established in 1968 by the Matouk family, is recognized as a leading Caribbean food manufacturer, operating one of the largest and best equipped facilities in the region.

The Matouk family has been involved in the commercial life of Trinidad and Tobago since 1925; they started a condiment company in 1968 after this former British colony attained its independence.

The company is credited with having established the standard for the modern production of the widest range of premium quality foods, including tomato pastes & ketchups, barbecue sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cordials, peanut butters, spreads, mustards, pickles, seasonings, relishes, salsas, vinegar, canned peas, beans and vegetables. Its brands are market leaders as well as household names throughout the Caribbean.

Green Seasoning
A West Indian marinade made from a blend of fresh Tropical herbs and spices. A kitchen staple in the islands, excellent for seasoning meat, fish and chicken or add to casseroles and stuffings to create an exciting Caribbean flavour.

This exotic blend of unripened mangoes, East Indian Spices and West Indian peppers, provides a mouth watering dimension to any recipe. A traditional condiment with Curries and Tandories. Excellent with bean salads, cold cuts, dips, poultry and rice dishes.

Jerk Seasoning

Jerk seasoning is a seasoning which has been traditionally used in the curing process of chicken and beef in Jamaica. In addition to being used to make dried meats, jerk seasoning is also a popular dry rub or marinade for barbecue, and it may be used on other meats such as pork as well as vegetarian options like tofu.
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Many different forms of jerk seasoning exist throughout the Caribbean, but most people think specifically of Jamaican jerk when they hear the words "jerk seasoning." Jamaican jerk is characterized by the use of allspice and thyme, as well as an abundance of peppers. The heat of the peppers helped to preserve the meat while it cured, ensuring that it would be safe to eat, and many people also acquired a taste for hot food as a result.

Hot Chow
A spicy Caribbean version of the English "Piccalilli", filled with chunks of fresh exotic tropical fruits and vegetables. Ideal with cold cuts, sandwiches and sausages.

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