saltfish accra

Home cooking on a daily basis can become a tedious job but with a site like this you can peruse and decide what you are cooking today. All the planning has already been done for you. Most of the recipes are from my twin island home: Trinidad and Tobago and they are very easy and delicious!

Trinidad and Tobago is a multi-ethnic society and as such its cuisine is made up of the many cultures that make up our island. Because of our multi-faceted culture we enjoy dishes influenced from the Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, Indians and the Chinese to name a few.

My objective with this website is to make home cooking simple, fast, delicious and healthy. This site is dedicated to the working wife and mother whose time is precious and could use all the cooking tips for providing healthy meals for her loved ones. Dads, you are also welcome to visit this site and cook surprisingly wonderful meals for the whole family. Imagine them saying, “Dad, this is so cool“. You will find quick-fixed, on the go meals for breakfast and lunch and a scrumptious dinner that will be a delight to prepare and you know what, you can even fix up a delicious dessert to compliment the meal. Your family will say.

Mom I did not know you even knew how to cook this” and you’d say, “hidden talents“.

Make boring home cooking a thing of the past and get creative with these simple yet scrumptious dishes!  I can guarantee that you and your loved ones will have great family moments preparing these dishes.  Bon Appetit.   To jump start your journey on this website, I invite you to check out this recipe Saltfish Accra.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

At WhaToCook you can find simple and easy meals to prepare for your family and friends. I learned how to prepare man of these Trini (Trinidad and Tobago) dishes from my dear mother and am honored to share these recipes. You will also find other recipes that are not of Trinidad origin.   CLICK HERE TO SEE THOSE RECIPES.  HAPPY COOKING!!