newprofilepictureWelcome and Thank You for visiting my website! My name is Martina Jackson and I am the owner, author and creator of this website.   I started this website in 2008 and of 2014 (six years later), this is my most popular website.

For some time I have been having issues about deciding what to prepare for lunch on a daily basis.  Easy morning I would toil with the idea What To Cook Today???!!! This experience has inspired me to developed this website with the name – of course –!

I am sure many people have this problem and can refer to this website. To make my problem worst, my husband does not eat a lot of things that I am accustomed to so I have to be very creative. What I have realized that helps me, is stocking my fridge and pantry with grocery items that I use on a regular basis.  That way I can easily put together a menu with what I have in stock!

When I first started working on this website, I listed recipes that came easily to mind and slowly I realized that this is basically a website about Trini (Trinidad and Tobago) recipes. I am a Trinidadian and my mother taught me all the Trini recipes listed in this website.  There are some other recipes listed here that are not Trini related.  Anytime I come up with a good recipe, I post it on this site.

I have taken my business to another level and am recording videos about my recipes.  One of my most popular videos (with organic traffic) is about making Coo Coo.  Click Here To See The Video. I have four channels with Youtube and my WhaToCook channel has the most subscribers! To me that means that my visitors appreciate my content. As at May 22, 2014, it is my objective to record more videos to satisfy my visitors.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the people who assisted and inspired me with this website.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.