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Trini Black Pudding

Ever since I was a child, Black Pudding is sold in Curepe, Trinidad - the area that I grew up in.  I enjoyed Black Pudding with some hot Hops Bread.  The knowledge of how Black Pudding is made, is quite a turn off.  But putting that aside, Black Pudding is really good.

Some other areas where Black Pudding is sold in Trinidad are Croisse (San Juan) and St. James.  
Pig's blood
Shadon Beni
Ground Spice
Bread crumbs
Cooking Oil
Pig intestine

The 30-40 feet intestine (which looks like a balloon) is prepared by washing it thoroughly with a hose.  Turn over the intestine and thoroughly wash. Discard the part that the faeces passed through.  The pressure of the water will help to turn over the intestine. Hygiene and cleaniness are important to the process. 

Finely chop all seasonings and add spices and bread crumbs to the blood. To make homemade bread crumbs, toast a few slices of bread and then place the toasted bread on a clean kitchen towel and grind the bread with a rolling pin.

Pour the seasoned blood into the cleaned intestine.  Turn it around until it fills like a big balloon.  Both ends are tied and clipped.  The pudding is now ready for cooking.

Cooking: Place the pudding in water and bring the water to a boiling point but do not boil the pudding, because this will cause the skin to burst.   Before the water begins to boil, the pudding will sink to the bottom of the pot. When it is cooked it will rise to the top.  Cooked blood is no longer fluid.

Cover and allow it to simmer in the hot water for about an hour.  To eat our Black Pudding, we would fry it first in some oil (for a few minutes) and serve with Hops Bread!!!

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