I recently saw some beautiful corn in the grocery and in addition, the price was right. There were three corn on the cob in the pack for US$2.37! I don’t normally purchase this type of corm because in the BVI, it is too expensive in my opinion. That day was an exception. I purchased four packs and decided to roast them. It has been years since I have eaten Roast Corn.

I remember many years ago in Trinidad and Tobago, Roast Corn was sold regularly by road side venders. But that is a rare sight now.

Roasting corn on the cob is quite simple actually. First I clean off the outside leaves of the corn and then I remove the ‘corn hairs’

I did the roasting at home on my stove so I was a little creative and used the grill from my toaster oven to put on the fire and then I put the corn on the grill. Unlike how it was done by the vendors in Trinidad. They used a iron coal pot and put a iron grill on the top of the pot. Then they would place the corn on the grill after the coals had been lit and all hot. The modern equipment to roast corn would be a barbeque grill.

Let the corn get roasted on all sides. Use a Tong to turn the corn over. That is it really. As you will notice no seasoning is added whatsoever. You will get the pure taste of the corn. Actually it is quite sweet this way.

The vendors in Trinidad and Tobago, when they sell you the roasted corn, they would serve it in one of the corn leaves.

Oh I forgot to mention, roasting corn on your stove top would be quite messy, so be prepared to clean your stove after roasting!





Buying Boiled Corn

My husband purchasing Roast Corn from a vendor in St. Vincent


Roast Corn for sale from street vendor

Roast Corn

Street vendor selling Roast Corn in St. Vincent