How To Make Coo Coo Trini Style

Coo Coo is a dish that I learned to cook in Trinidad and Tobago (my native country), it is done with corn meal and ochro. I think this dish has a history tracing way back to the African slave days. Here in the British Virgin Islands , it is called Fungi but they rarely use the ochro.

8 ochros
half pack corn meal

Method for Coo Coo Trini Style
Slice the ochro into smaller pieces or you could use the already sliced frozen ochro. Put about 3 cups of water in a pot and put on the stove to boil. Add the ochro and some salt. When the ochro has cooked (the seeds will look pink and the water would become a bit slimy) gradually add the corn meal while stirring at the same time.

Continue to do this until all the water has been used up. Mix the cooked corn meal together well. You will notice that the ochro will begin to break up into smaller pieces as you are mixing the corn meal. Turn your stove off. You can leave in the pot as is and serve or you can empty the contents of the pot into a casserole dish and flatten with a spoon. You can now use some margarine (about a tablespoon) to flatten the top of this dish nicely. Coo Coo will go great with Smoked Herring Melee or Stew Fried Fish.

How To Make Coo Coo A Trini Dish

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