Tania Accra

The first time I ate Tania Accra was when my husband and I traveled to Trinidad in June 2011. My husband loves tania (a ground provision) so we got some at the local market. Ever so often I would hear my mother say that she had to prepare Tania Accra and she seemed very excited about it. She never prepared Tania Accra for me before.

2 – 3 Tania
1 medium onion
3 garlic cloves
1 pimento
black pepper
olive oil

Peel tania wash and grate on small side of the grater. A food processor can also be used but do not blend too finely. If you touch the grated tania, you will observe that it is a bit sticky, this is the starch from the ground provision. Transfer the grated tania to a mixing bowl. Peel onion and cut into four squares, peel garlic, cut pimento and deseed. Put herbs in blender or food processor and mince.

Add the blended herbs to the grated tania and mix every thing together. Add a little salt, pepper sauce and black pepper. The starch from the tania will combine all the ingredients together therefore no water or flour is needed.

Put a frying pan on the stove to hot. Add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Put a tablespoon of the Tania Accra mixture in the pot. Repeat this process until all the mixture is used. As the bottom of each Tania Accra is brown, turn over each one, press slightly with spoon and allow the other side to cook and brown.

Tania Accra can be served for breakfast with some zubaca (patois word for avacado) and as a side dish with a main course.








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