I took these pictures for my blog a few days ago and it is only this morning that I realized that I could also create a web page for it. You see this fruit is called Sorrel and the trees bares only once per year – Christmas time. These pictures were taken of my neighbours plants, they looked so pretty now that they are in bloom.
My mother makes a beverage with it and this is how she does it.

Inside each pod is a seed, so the outside flesh is removed and the seed is discarded. The flesh from all the pods are gathered together and put in a pot of water to boil for about twenty (20) minutes.

Sorrel fruit Turn off the stove and throw out the sorrel flavored water into another pot. Use a strainer to collect the boiled flesh and any larger particles. Now add some sugar (about 2 pot spoons) and a piece of orange peel or lime zest to the sorrel water and allow to boil for another twenty (20)minutes. Some rum (of your choice) is also added but it is optional, it gives the beverage a nice taste as well as, it gives the beverage a longer shelf life.

I was talking to my mother last night (30th November 2009)and I asked her if she still puts the flesh out in the sun to dry (that is how I remember her doing it before putting them to boil) and she responded negatively.

Sorrel Drink She said that sometimes the flesh would get wet and she realized that is much simpler by just putting them to boil after peeling. There is no change in flavor with the different methods. The Sorrel beverage is then bottled and put in the fridge. For added flavor, about three cloves are dropped into the bottle. Now if the beverage has alcohol, it does not have to be refrigerated.

Now when our friends and family visit us for the Christmas season, we would serve them this Sorrel beverage chilled. It goes great with some Black Cake (now that is another recipe that I have to get from my mother). Interested in my post on this plant on my blog? Check out the post.

sorrel fruit

sorrel beverage

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