Roast Breadfruit

[showads ad=336×280]I am really excited about this page. As you will notice, I have designed it a little differently in comparison to the other pages. I took these pictures today, 9th July 2009, and uploaded them the same evening. I just could not wait. I have been nagging my husband for us to purchase some breadfruit for us to roast. My mission was to take pictures while he is roasting.

You see I am familiar with this fruit in Trinidad and Tobago but I have never heard about roasting it until I met my husband. So this is one dish that I leave for him to prepare. Breadfruit is really a fruit because it is grown on a tree but in the Caribbean it is used as a Ground Provision. Well the cooking/roasting pictures below will speak for themselves.

Making the fire: Use the husk of a dry coconut to start the fire. Place the husk closely together in a safe area outside your home. Place thin pieces of dry wood on the husk. Remember the husk and wood MUST be dry in order to make the fire. Use matches or which ever tool that can create fire to create a fire on the coconut husk.

Roasting the breadfruit: With the coconut husk afire, place the breadfruit on the wood and allow to roast. There will be alot of smoke. Use a piece of card board or maybe a piece of newspaper to fan the smoke, this will keep the fire consistent. Using two pieces of cardboard (one in each hand) turn the breadfruit periodically. It takes approximately thirty minutes for the breadfruit to be fully roasted.

The outside of the breadfruit will be jet black when fully roasted. It is a very untidy task to peel the roasted breadfruit. Allow the roasted breadfruit to cool before attempting to peel the fruit. Hold the roasted breadfruit in a piece of paper towel in one hand and peel with the other hand.











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