Peanut Punch

Peanut Punch is a beverage that I consider to be one of my favorite comfort drinks. It is also considered a be health drink for men in Trinidad because of the nutrients in the peanuts. Depending on my mood, I like to add some coconut rum to my Peanut Punch.

1 tsp to 1 tablespoon coconut rum (optional)
3 tbsp creamy peanut butter
1 cup cold 1% milk
1 tbsp sugar
Dash of cinnamon
About 1/8 tsp nutmeg
Angostura Bitters

You will need a blender to make Peanut Punch. Pour the milk into the blender ( I suggest that you start with the milk because if you put the peanut butter first, it may tend to stick to the blades of the blender). For a colder drink, try freezing a few milk ice cubes to add to the blender.

I love coconut so I like to add a little bit of coconut rum to my recipe but this is optional. And I will also get a little ‘kick’ as well!!

Add the other ingredients and blend everything together on high until smooth.

Serve with ice with a dusting of nutmeg. I like to blend a few unsalted peanuts until they almost finely blended and I will sprinkle a bit of the blended peanuts on top of my drink. They will soon sink to the bottom, but the crunchy ending is delightful!

Peanut Punch

Peanut Punch

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