How To Make Pig Foot Souse

pig foot souseI enjoy a great tasting bowl of Pig Foot Souse so in this post I will provide instructions how to make pig foot souse.  It is another traditional must try dish in Trinidad and Tobago.  When I am this dish, it has be served with hops bread (looks like a bun) or maybe some fresh homemade bread. Pig Feet may seem appalling to some people but it is really good if you give it a try.  It is also good in soups. Souse can be made with different type of meats.  In Trinidad souse is made with weird meats like chicken feet, cow feet, cow brains, pig tails, goute (wild animal) and the list goes on. I do not experiment with the real outrageous meats. That is not for me.  I think right after Pig Foot Souse (in respect to popularity), next on the list is Chicken Foot Souse.

8-12 pieces of pig foot
1 cucumber
1 sliced onion
3 grated garlic cloves
1 hot pepper
4 leaves shadon beni
Juice of half a lemon


The pig feet needs to be pressurized so place them in a pressure pot, add some water and a little salt and allow the pig feet to pressurize for about 20 minutes, until nice and tender.

When the pig feet is nice and tender, throw out the water, rinse them out with some fresh water and place them in a large bowl. Add about two cups of water to the bowl. Slice the cucumber (you can leave the skin on if preferred) and add to the bowl with the pig feet when they are cool. Finely chop the shadon beni, cut a few slices of the hot pepper.  Add these ingredients along with the other ingredients to the bowl of pig feet.  Use a large spoon to mix everything together. Taste. That’s it!!! Quite simple actually.

How To Make Pig Foot Souse

Pig Foot Souse Revised Recipe
pig_feet pig foot souse


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