How To Make Breadfruit Chips

In this post, I will provide the instructions how to make breadfruit chips.

[showads ad=336×280]Ingredients
1 medium size Breadfruit
olive oil

Put the breadfruit in a pot that is big enough to hold it. Add water – enough to cover the breadfruit. Put the pot on the stove and allow the water to boil and the breadfruit to cook for approximately one hour.

The normal color of the breadfruit (raw) is sort of grass green. When it is cooked, the color changes to a brownish color. When the cooked breadfruit is cool, cut into four pieces, cut out the inside and peel off the skin. Thinly slice the breadfruit.

Put a frying pan on the stove to hot and then add some olive oil. Place the sliced breadfruit into the frying pan of olive oil and allow them to get golden brown on each side.

When that has been accomplished, remove from the pan and place in a plate with paper towel. Sprinkle with salt.

Normally I make these chips with the leftover Roasted Breadfruit that my husband prepared. Since I don’t know how to roast breadfruit, I came up with this method of cooking my breadfruit to be able to prepare the chips.

breadfruit chips

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