How I Store My Garlic And Ginger And Save Money

I love adding garlic to my dishes but there are times I am just not in the mood to peel and chop up the garlic. And the times when I AM in the mood, the garlic that I may have in the fridge, most times would have chance to go bad!

Recently I learned about this cooking tip that I just had to share with my community. It allows me to save money because having to throw out the spoilt garlic is basically throwing money down the drain! Also with this tip I have garlic that I can quickly and easily add to my dishes without a second thought!

I have seen other methods where oil and salt is added to the garlic but I prefer this method – no salt no oil!

This process does not take long to complete. If you purchase the garlic already peeled, you can complete this process within about 20-30 minutes (outside of the freezing time). However if you purchase the garlic with the skin on, the process will take a little longer as you will have to peel the garlic.

In a few of my previous recipes, you will notice that one of the ingredients listed is garlic powder. To be honest the garlic powder does not have the taste and aroma as the raw garlic. This is another benefit of this cooking tip.

What we will need
• 3-4 heads of Garlic
• Food processor
• Water (if you are using a magic bullet like me)

If you need to get an appliance, click on the following links
Food Processor
Magic Bullet

If you are using the garlic with the skin on, peel the garlic and place in processor. If you are using a magic bullet, add some water just to get the machine to pulse the garlic properly. Allow the garlic to pulse until it is a nice creamy paste.

Transfer the garlic paste to a plate and flatten out the paste on the plate using the back of a spoon. Put the plate with the garlic paste in the freezer for 30 minutes and allow the paste to firm up.

After 30 minutes remove the plate from the fridge, you will notice the garlic paste is nice and firm to the touch. Using a knife, cut the firm paste in vertical lengths and then horizontally to get little squares. Remove these squares and place them in a storage container and place the container in the freezer.

When you are preparing a meal, add 1-2 squares of the garlic paste squares to your dish. Return the balance of the frozen garlic squares in to the freezer.

This tip can also be used with ginger.  Peel and slice up the ginger.  Add to your food processor and allow the ginger to get to a paste texture.  Then follow the instructions as we did for the garlic!

When storing these containers in the freezer you may want to label them and also insert the date the batch was made.  For me, I have not labeled my containers as I can easily tell which container has the ginger and which one has the garlic just by the smell.  CLICK HERE GET YOUR CONTAINERS HERE

You can combine the ginger and garlic to make the paste but there are times where you are preparing a meal that you want to put garlic and not ginger or you may want to put ginger and no garlic.  So maybe it might be better to make the paste separately – ginger paste and garlic paste.

How I Store My Garlic And Ginger And Save Money!

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