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Guavaberry Wine or Guavaberry Liqueur is one of those special things that you don't necessary find every Christmas in the British Virgin Islands, but when you do it is a true delight.   The fruit is not so readily available anymore, so any one serving at a Christmas Party is the subject of much envy.  Guavabery liqueur is also delicious served over ice cream.

1lb yellow guavaberries
1lb red guavaberries
1lb prunes
1lb raisins
1/2 lb fresh ginger
1lb brown sugar
3 vanilla beans
3 cinnamon sticks
2 (750ml) bottles of rum

Rince the berries well.  Clean by popping and removing the seeds. Rinse seeds, strain and save liquid. Put seedless berries into a large pot, but reserve 1/2 cup yellow and 1/2 cup red berries for later use.  Add liquid saved from rinsing seeds into the pot and add brown sugar.

Boil mixture until berries are soft.  The juice should be a medium syrup consistency or sticky when cool.  Mash or grind berries that were saved and mix with strongest rum available.  To the cooled mixture, add remaining ingredients.  

Pour into bottles, cork and wire down securely.  Store in a dark place for several months.  When guavaberry liqueur is fully ripened (the taste will tell), strain and re-bottle for use.

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