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Eat garlic to reduce high blood pressure


Garlic is a great herb to reduce high blood pressure. Suffer with high blood pressure? The natural remedy is to eat alot of garlic. My mother would eat the raw garlic clove. I definately cannot do that. On many occassions I would be speaking to my mother and I would suddenly ask her "Mummy did you just eat some raw garlic?". She would then respond positively. Can you guess how I guessed that she ate a raw garlic? Her breath was KICKING!!! LOL!!!

Cook with the garlic regularily, you can grate some in advance but I find that the unused grated garlic colour turns green when its juices are exposed to oxygen.

I can assure you when you put this grated garlic in your food, the aroma is just fantastic. On 21st September 2009, my doctor informed me that my blood pressure was very high. So I decided to do like my mother and digest alot of natural garlic that I can. But I cannot eat it raw. So I decided to roast some. This is how it is done.

Cut off the top of each garlic head as seen in the picture below. Place them in the toaster oven and sprinkle with a little of olive oil or coconut oil. Allow the garlic to roast for about 15 minutes in the toaster oven. When they are done, the garlic is nice and soft can be easily separated from the skin. Just lightly press on the garlic head the garlic will separate from the skin.

The roasted garlic can be put in a container and refrigerated and when ready for use, just take out one or two (or how many you like) and gently mash up with a spoon.

You can add this to your eggs, I just had some with my tuna. The aroma of roasted garlic is just awesome!

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Personal Notes: May 25, 2011 About two months ago, I visited my doctor and he advised that I should be taking my high blood pressure tablets because apparently on the day of the visit, it was a bit high. He said that I have to be careful of getting a stroke and/or heart attack. So I decided to be serious about taking my medication and was taking a tablet one a day.

About two weeks later, I realized that my skin would be itching and it would swell. It was very nerve racking. I realized that this itching began when started taking my high blood pressure tablets.

Well to make a long story short, I have changed the medication about five times, seen four different doctors and with each different tablet the reaction was the same. With the exception of one where the side effect was a dry cough. I stopped taking that tablet too.

The last medication I took, my reaction was the worst, I lost my voice and I had difficulty swallowing. I have taken a personal decision that I will have to strictly use natural herbs to keep my high blood pressure under control. With my first and last meal, I will grate a clove of garlic and add it to my meal. It is working very well for me. Please check out this website about High Blood Pressure Info On High Blood Pressure

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