Fry Dry

I absolutely love Fry Dry. In Trinidad and Tobago, we eat it for breakfast with Homemade Bread or Coconut Bake. Or it can be eaten with Dhal Dhal and rice as a main course meal.

These fish are very small and are purchased fresh at the market. My mother does not buy them regular because she says that it is too much work to clean. Unfortunatly this is one fish that is not sold already cleaned.

2lbs sardine


Most people find it easy to cut off the fish head and then clean the fish. Another option is just to leave the head on and clean the fish. After all the fish has been cleaned, place them in a bowl of water and squeeze half of lime into the water. This is to eliminate the freshness from the fish.

Throw out the water after about 10 minutes and season the fish with your favorite herbs. Put about one cup of flour in a medium size bowl. Dip each seasoned fish in the flour until it is fully coated with flour.

Put a medium size deep pot on the stove to hot, add some oil (enough for deep frying). When the oil is nice and hot, gently place each flour coated fish into the hot oil. Allow them to fry until golden brown. Remove from the oil and place in plate layered with paper towel.

I enjoy this fish when it is nice and hot – I will eat about eight in one sitting!!! Now you may be wondering why it is called Fry Dry. Well for one it has to be deep fried until nice and crisp. Another great fact is that you can eat the entire fish – bones and all without fear of any sticking you.

Fry Dry


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