Doubles is an Indian dish that is sold commercially in places like Trinidad and Guyana. This dish consists of two pieces of Bara with some curry Channa, aka Chick Peas, separating the two pieces of Bara.
Using two pieces of Bara is the reason this dish is called Doubles. Bara is made of a flour mixture and deep fried. When putting the Doubles together the vendor put a variety of sauces over the channa. These sauce maybe mango base, pepper sauce, some vendors are very creative and make a cucumber like chutney.

There is a popular Doubles vendor in Curepe, Trinidad that I buy from and he is called The Original Sauce. I normally go in the evening when their Doubles is ‘piping’ hot.

doubles vendordoubles vendor
On many occasions when I go to purchase my Doubles, there is usually a line of people waiting to purchase their Doubles as well. The person who is putting the Doubles together would have someone with him to organise the sales and the collect the money. It would not be sanitary for the person who is putting the Doubles together to also collect the cash. In addition it would slow down sales resulting in loss of customers who may purchase from another vendor. Some people eat their Doubles right on the spot.
Doubles can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a very inexpensive dish. Up to 2000 doubles was sold averagely, for $1.25 (Trinidad and Tobago dollars). Now in 2010 the price is $4.00 (Trinidad and Tobago dollars).

Since I have migrated to the BVI I have asked a few friends to bring me some Doubles and I would then heat it up in the microwave but the curry channa gets dried up in the microwave and I do not enjoy my Doubles. Another Doubles lover friend of mine gave me a solution to this, she said to, when purchasing the Doubles, ask the vendor to pack the Bara separate from the curry channa (I had to take my own containers with me). When I got home I was able to heat up the Bara and curry channa separately and then put every together myself.

How To Eat Doubles
Each Doubles is wrapped in a wax like paper. It can be eaten like a sandwich or the bara that is on the top of the Doubles can be picked up with some channa and eaten and then the rest. This is the way I like to eat my Doubles. I really enjoy. On each of my visits to Trinidad, I must have some Doubles. Note: Doubles is a dish that is eaten with your bare hands.



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