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Crix Biscuits

I recently started stocking my home with Crix Biscuits. My mother always had a bottle of Crix in the pantry. Crix Biscuits was, and still is, an item that had to be on my mother’s grocery list. For me, Crix Biscuits comes with a lot of good memories. As a young child, my mother would prepare split soup (with ground provision and dumplings) every Saturday. I dreaded Saturday lunches because I did not like soups. What did the trick for me was Crix biscuits. I would crumple a few crix biscuits in my soup and I would enjoy meal that way.

By the time I was a young adolescent, my mother was a single parent. There were many days that it was difficult for us financially so one of my favorite dinners was scramble eggs (softly) and crix biscuits. Oh how I enjoyed these meals, and I still do.

Crix Biscuits is basically a salt biscuit and is manufactured by a Trinidadian company called Bermudez. This company located at #6 Maloney Street, Mt. Lambert, an area very close to where my family home is located.

My mother makes it a habit to have a few Crix biscuits in her handbag where ever she goes, so in the event she feels hungry, she would snack on a few of these biscuits and that will satisfy her until she returns home.

About Bermudez
The Bermudez family came to Trinidad from Venezuela in 1923 and began manufacturing “Water Crackers” now known as Crix. The parent company was initially founded by Jose Maria Bermudez in 1923 under the name Bermudez Biscuit Factory,  with premises at that time on Park Street, Port of Spain.

Bermudez Services Limited was later formed as a service company to the parent company in 1988. In the 1930’s the company began distributing its product directly to retail outlets nationwide.

The company is always keeping up with changing food trends, so in the late 1980s when people were becoming more health conscious they started making whole wheat Crix and more recently multigrain Crix.

Crix baked by Bermudez Crix Multigrain baked by Bermudez Crix Wholewheat baked by Bermudez


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