Baked Fish

My friends and I normally have Baked Fish every Friday evening, after work, at a popular restaurant and I decided to prepare the dish at home by baking the fish so here the recipe.

2-3 whole cleaned fish*
2 large sliced onions
3 large sliced potatoes

The first thing that has to be done is to clean (this is if the only fish you can get are the ones that are not cleaned)and season the fish. Fish can be bought already cleaned so all you have to do is to season with salt and black pepper. Check out my mama’s recipe for homemade seasonings.

Put the fish in a bowl or container of water, pour some fresh lime juice (alternative is white vinegar) into the bowl of fish and leave for about 3-5 minutes. This process is to cut the freshness of the fish. Remove the fish from the limed water, wash out the fish with clean water. Season fish with desired seasonings.

Cut 2-3 sheets of foil that are big enough to contain and wrap each fish. Place a tablespoon on butter on one sheet. Use the bottom part of the spoon to spread the butter around the center of the sheet of foil. Place about two slices of potato,side by side, on the sheet of buttered foil, then some sliced onions on top of the potatoes. Place one seasoned fish on top of the sliced potatoes and onions.

Wrap the foil, containing the fish and other ingredients. Ensure that the sides of the packets are well folded otherwise the sauce from butter will seep out. Repeat the above steps for the rest of the fish. After you have finished wrapping all the fish, place them in a baking tray and put the tray in a pre heated oven for approximately 45 minutes. *For the type of fish to use, you can use whatever fish that you like. The one in the image above is a yellow tail that is normally found in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), where I reside.

Oven Baked Fish
baked fish baked fish baked fish baked fish baked fish baked fish

Update Brainstorm!! I just came up with a fantastic idea which allow me to prepare my Baked Fish even more easier. Put two tablespoon of butter in a a baking dish (I used an iron skillet). Thinly slice 3 medium size potatoes and put them in the pan. Now add one sliced onion. Put a little salt and garlic powder. Now add the season fish (in this example I used snapper fillet, I really like this fish) and cover the skillet with a piece of foil. Put the pot in the oven to bake. Wham!!!! Dinner is ready!!!! This dish would go great with some steamed broccoli or any vegetable of your choice.

baked fish baked fish

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  1. La May 14, 2016 at 8:05 pm #

    Martina, I have tried this recipe of yours and it was delicious! A real island treat! Thank you for posting. Hope you are well.

    • WhaToCook May 14, 2016 at 10:52 pm #

      Hey Laura, Thanks for commenting (finally) LOL!!! I am happy that you tried this dish and you enjoyed it. It is really easy to do and its basically a meal in a packet. All you have to do is to serve it with a salad. Take care.

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