Asian Mango and Papaya Slaw

My son and I went to Peglegs restaurant Nanny Cay, Tortola British Virgin Islands. We had some appetizers while we spent some quality time with each other. I chose a dish named Asian Mango and Papaya Slaw. By the name and the description that was given by the waiter, I was very excited to try this dish. When I tasted this – Asian Mango and Papaya Slaw, I fell in love!!! It was absolutely delicious!

When purchasing the mangoes and papaya, they must not be green or fully ripe, just in between. We want to get the sweetness of the fruits yet they must still be a bit firm.

1 mango
1/2 medium size papaya
1/2 red pepper
1/2 red onion
fresh lime juice
black pepper
pepper sauce (optional)
slivered almonds

Peel the mangoes and papaya, remove the seeds and slice very thinly (Julienne style). You can use a vegetable peeler to peel the mangoes.

Cut the cabbage and red pepper very thinly (again Julienne style). Slice the red onion thinly.

Put the mango, papaya, cabbage and onion in a bowl, squeeze some lime juice in to the bowl. Add salt, black pepper and pepper sauce of you like your slaw a little spicy. Use a tong to mix every thing together.

Asian Mango and Papaya Slaw
This Asian Mango Papaya Slaw is so refreshing, you would not miss the mayo or those other salad dressings. Some recipes add an oil e.g. sesame oil. Personally, I prefer not to add any oil.

You can use the red cabbage (even though when the red cabbage is finely sliced, I find it to be a bit course) instead of the green ones or you can add both red and green. For me I was looking for colour, the mango – yellow, cabbage – green, onion – pink/red. It just excites me when I see colourful dishes.

Another tip, if you can get papaya at your grocery store, use oranges.


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