It is with a warm heart that I write content for this page about the people, my friends and family, who assisted me, one way or the other, in developing this successful website. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their help.

My son:   I would like to thank my son for guiding me to the company that gave me step-by-step guidelines for developing this successful website. Occasionally he would inquire about my progress and gave me tips and encouragement to proceed with this project. He also advised in deciding which topic to write about on my website. He said,Mom you know your passion is about cooking, write about that. I am always experimenting with different things to cook, my kids frequently tell me, “Mom, one day you will kill someone with your experiments!” But of course they were only kidding. He is my second and last child and was born in 1987. He migrated to USA in 2000 and spent four years with her sister and father. He then moved to the BVI with me in 2004 and resided there for four years. It is here that he developed a passion for the marine industry. In 2011 he obtained his grade one boat Captain license, I am so proud of him!!! I call him Captain Krys and he does not like that.

My Daughter: I would also like to thank my daughter who was instrumental in proof reading the pages on this web site for grammatical and spelling errors. She also came up with the great tag line listed below “Making Meal Planning Easier For You!“. Great job Sweetie, Thank You! She is the oldest of my two children and was born in 1984. She migrated to USA in 2000 and spent four years with her brother and father. She then moved to the BVI with me in 2004 and resided there with me for four years before moving back to Trinidad to further her studies in Information Technology. I am so proud of her that she was able to complete her program.

Tribute must be given to my wonderful mother who taught most of the Trini recipes listed on this website.  Read more about her – CLICK HERE.

My Very Dear Friend: I would also like to thank my friend of many years, Ms. Ranie Mohammed, who was instrumental in assisting me with putting together the Trini recipes that are East Indian origin, for example Dhalpurie Roti. I am not good at preparing these East Indian dishes so I asked her to assist me. Thank you my friend! Our friendship began when we were both working at the Telephone company in Trinidad in 1983.  Eventhough we now live miles apart, thanks to technology, we can communicate with each other on a regular basis.  She is married to a wonderful man, Nowshad, for more than twenty years and they have three beautiful children. My friend is a warm hearted individual.  She loves to entertain.  Each time I travel to Trinidad, she insists that I come to her place and she would prepare a lavish meal for my family and I.  We would then sit and eat with her family.  It is always a joyous event!

My Husband:  I left the best for last – my husband, Brian Jackson. He was born in St. Vincent and grew up in a very humble home. The type of foods that he ate as a young child was basic and alot from the soil for example bananas (which was grown and exported on a large scale in St. Vincent) and tania (a ground provision). It has been very difficult preparing foods for him because there are alot that he does not eat. He taught me how to cook a few meals (they are listed on this website) that he likes and I also have quite a few pictures of him doing things related to this website. So yes you can say he is my personal model.  So you can say I am a lucky girl!!

Oh No, I have not forgotten you, my visitors.  Without you, this website would not be a success.  Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you will return to read the new recipes.  Let your friends know about us.