5 Reasons Why I Love Living In The BVI

As you may already know I am a Trinidadian  and have been living in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) since 2000 and just thought I would share five reasons why I love living in the BVI.

  1. The beautiful turquoise water of the ocean:  Before I arrived I saw magazines with photos of the beautiful beaches and honestly I thought the photos were ‘doctored’.  Now I know the  color of the water of the beach is actual turquoise like that in the photos.  After so many years I am still amazed.
  2. In the BVI we have a tradition that we greet everyone we see on the street whether we know them or not.  I remember a few years on my visit to Trinidad my home town, my husband and walked out to the main road from my mother’s house. I greeted people on the street as they passed by, as we normally do in the BVI.  One person didn’t respond, some responded with a bit of reluctance.  Then I remembered it is not really a tradition to greet people we don’t know in Trinidad.  So I had to remember to turn off that part of me, until I return to the BVI.  When my daughter first arrived to the territory in 2004, she just could not understand how I could be greeting  every body on the street.  It took her a while to adjust to the tradition!
  3. I feel safe:  I like to go for an early morning walk when the air is clean, traffic is at a minimum.  Most times I leave my home about 4:30 in the morning and I feel safe during my early morning walks.  There are a few crimes in the territory but it is on the lower end of the scale.  About twice I forgot my purse at the grocery store and got it back with all the contents in place!  The first time it happened to me I panicked.  When returned to the grocery store and spoke to the supervisor, my purse was waiting for me.  Apparently some one found it took it in to the supervisor’s office!  I was so grateful!
  4. I appreciate my accent:  when people hear me speak they ask me if I am a Trinidadian after just speaking just a few words.  I am encouraged not to hide my accent. One of my experiences being in the BVI, is that I meet many people from the different Caribbean islands e.g. St. Vincent, Jamaica, Nevis, Antigua and Grenada.  When I meet new people, it’s fun trying to figure out where they are from by listening to their accents.  I have problems identifying the Grenadian accent because I find that is very similar to the Trinidadian accent.
  5. My first job in the BVI was at an automobile company and during my lunch hour I would drive home.  This commute would take me approximately 7 minutes! During this time, occasionally I would prepare lunch, eat and still have some extra time to relax before returning to work.  I have heard some people complain about the traffic and I tell them that they need to travel to those larger countries and then they will really experience TRAFFIC!!!

5 Reasons Why I Love Living In The BVI

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